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One of our absolute favorite uses for the Maijan Pure Argan Oil is scalp massage or head massage. Not only is it incredibly relaxing but it stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy cell turnover! Using the Maijan Pure Oils during your scalp massage will not only stimulate production of your body’s own natural oils but will mix in some of our most favorite precious oils like Jojoba and Argan oil for the ultimate hair and scalp hydration. This is especially beneficial to those with dry, flaky scalp or anyone with sluggish hair growth. Scalp health is so important and we are all guilty of neglecting it sometimes. So, it sounds like a win-win to me. Extra TLC for your scalp and the perfect excuse for you to pamper yourself. You deserve it!

History of Head Massage

Scalp Massage

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s favorite trip to the salon is getting a your head massaged while being shampooed. However, not everyone realizes how beneficial scalp massages really are. Dating back almost 4,000 years to it’s Ayurvedic roots in India, head massage is focused on healing and working the upper three chakras to promote harmony, healing, vitality, and relaxation. The Ayurvedic texts state that the use of herbs, spices, and aromatic oils such as Grapeseed, Jojoba, Neem and Olive oil, invigorate the body’s own healing energy while also being beneficial for skin and hair.

In India babies start receiving daily massages to promote optimal health and suppleness until the age of three when they are massaged less frequently, about once or twice a week. Massage then remains a staple amongst families. This tradition of sharing massages occurs across generations and promotes togetherness. Women in India have also been using head massage for thousands of years on their long and thick hair to keep it strong and lustrous. These women rely heavily on the precious oils found in the Maijan Pure Oil to keep their hair in the most beautiful condition.

The traditional Indian beliefs in head massage are starting to be included in our western traditions and we are seeing scalp massage implemented more frequently as our society is increasingly moving towards holistic medicine. Scalp massage can be used to relax your body and clarify your mind. A little relaxation can go a very long way!  

Benefits of Scalp Massage