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Customer Reviews

                At Maijan we pride ourselves on the positive reviews from all of our valued Customers!

I just love this product. I did try Josie Maran's version and it is very good, but the price is a touch steep. Your Argan Oil is exactly the same in my opinion. A nice neutral fragrance, easy to use bottle, and that wonderful oil and the excellent price. I will continue to buy this from you in the future and would recommend it to anyone who will listen.  - Redhead1558 from Shorewood, IL

I tried Josie Moran's argon oil, but it was terrible on my face and ok for my hair. Maijan oil works for both and I don't get breakouts on my face. So I try to purchase as many of these oil's when it goes on sale. I love the smell it's the best oil I've ever tried. - Pennies from Cary NC

I use this product daily as a few drops mixed in the palm of my hand with whatever gel or straightening balm I am using that day. It conditions and hydrates and helps to keep the heat damage at bay.I have also used it as a facial moisturizer and it leaves your face soft and not greasy.I love the fact that is is unscented and does not contain silicone fillers like other similar products on the market. Good buy since three drops a day goes a long way. Don't use too much or it will leave your hair a bit limp. - ChilliWillie from Canada

I have naturally wavy hair. I now have very light blonde hair. It should be silver but I am lucky enough that it is only a very pale blonde. My hair was very dry. I started using the oil on my hair and quickly noticed my hair behaved much better with the oil. I also use it on my face. I had terrible crows feet and they are softening up and not as visible. - Lori from Rancho Mirage, CA

My hair is very corse and curly so I use a Keratin Smoothing Treatment in my hair to smooth and straighten it. Using the flat iron every day tends to dry my hair out and the Maijan Argan Oil has been a lifesaver in keeping my hair moisturized and looking healthy. I love it!  - Esanti from Seattle, WA

My hair is dry and damaged from over processing (I am a dirty blonde with platinum blond hair) and just a dab of this makes my hair feel soft and "natural"! I will use this product over and over again!  - MCPhoto from San Diego, CA

I love to use this every night before bed, both on my hair and face. Works wonderfully to keep my hair split end free.  - Bri from Colorado

I love this product. It is so hydrating and great after styling to keep hair healthy. i noticed it is awesome for hands and nails. - Amy from Costa Mesa, CA

This has become my favorite hair oil and I think that won't change! I sprinkle some on my hand, rub it around and work it first in the ends then throughout my hair. You don't need a huge amount which is great too. My hair is soft and healthy looking and feeling, never weighed down or greasy. I had my daughter and niece try it and they are now loyal fans also. Try it, you will love it! It smells so wonderful too :o)  - Fanny1951 from San Diego, CA

Love this product hair feels soft and manageable. 2 THUMBS UP!!!!!!  - J. Rodriguez from Chicago, IL

I massage this product on my scalp, mix it with my styling product, add it to my lotion, put it on my face after sun--I use it for pretty much all my beauty needs. One of the best purchases I've ever made!  -Winasmom from Alabama

The smell is great and helps dry my thick hair much faster. It makes my keratin-treated hair even softer and more manageable. Pricey but you use very little and it last quite a while.  - Momm2line from Madison, WI

I apply the oil onto my clean, dry face at bedtime. I put the oil on sparingly over throat as well. I also apply this product on my legs after shaving as well as 'as needed. Great for anywhere you want to be smooth and soft. It quickly absorbs into your skin. I have baby fine hair with keritin treatment, so i do not apply to my hair. - Marilyn from Atlanta, GA

I use this everytime I wash my hair. I have very curly hair and this oil keeps it moisturized and it smells incredible. - Curly Carol from New Jersey

I bought this for myself and my daughter and although its not a very large quantity, you really only need a drop for your entire head, I have hair down to my rear so i would use about the size of a nickle and it was enough. You notice the differenc the first time you use it. - SweetT from New Jersey

I use the Argan Oil on my very dry, relaxed hair and it works wonders. I don't have shedding or breakage and it smells great and shines like you wouldn't believe. I've noticed when I use it on my hands they are much, much softer and do not crack and bleed during the winter. I also do not experience acne after using it on my skin. I'd like it to be a little cheaper, but this will not prevent me from using it. It's definitely worth it. -MomofThree from Melville, NY